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          burkert 0124 C 00019078寶德電磁閥19078

          burkert 0124 C 00019078寶德電磁閥19078

          型    號:
          報    價:

          burkert 0124 C 00019078寶德電磁閥19078是兩位三通防腐電磁閥
          burkert 0124電磁閥直動式介質隔離電磁閥,Z大通徑 DN 5
          burkert 0124 C 4.0 防震線圈
          BURKERT 00019078手動開關結構堅固、使用方便

          • 產品描述

          burkert 0124 C 00019078寶德電磁閥19078技術屬性:

          Actuator typePivot 
          Main valve operating principleGlobe valve 
          Switch functionon/off 
          Media separationYes 
          Valve functionC - normally closed - inlet port 1 (P/NC), outlet port 2 (A/OUT) conectedwith exhaust port 3 (R/NO) 
          Fluidic port connection number3 
          Valve function number of switching positions2 
          Valve function manual actuationYes 
          Valve function manual actuation typeKey button 
          Valve function manual actuation materialPA (Polyamide) 
          Valve function manual actuation stopYes 
          FlowBelow seat 
          Nominal pressure min0bar
          Nominal pressure max (liquid)5bar
          Main valve orifice 1 (P) (mm)4mm
          Main valve orifice 1 (inch)5/32 inch 
          Main valve orifice 3 (R) (mm)4mm
          Kv value (water)0.3m3/h
          QNn value (gas)325l/min
          Main valve wetted materialPVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) 
          Port connection 1 typeInner thread 
          Port connection 1 thread typeG 
          Port connection 1 thread marking1/4 
          Port connection 2 typeInner thread 
          Port connection 2 thread typeG 
          Port connection 2 thread marking1/4 
          Port connection 3 typeInner thread 
          Port connection 3 thread typeG 
          Port connection 3 thread marking1/4 
          Valve seat materialPVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) 
          Seat seal material categoryElastomer 
          Seat seal materialFKM (Fluor rubber) 
          Seat seal material Shore hardness70 
          Sealing toward outside materialFKM (Fluor rubber) 
          Temperature environment max55°C
          Temperature medium min0°C
          Temperature medium max80°C
          Temperature surface max150°C
          Voltage / rated voltage230V
          Voltage / rated voltage230V
          Voltage tolerance negative10%
          Voltage tolerance positive10%
          Voltage frequency50Hz
          AC voltageYes 
          DC voltageNo 
          Battery voltageNo 
          Rated power consumption8W
          inrush power consumption AC30V·A
          Rated power AC15V·A
          Electrical connection sortPlug pattern form A according to DIN EN 175301-803 
          Electrical connection number of contacts2 + Grounding conductor 
          Cable plug in deliveryenclosed 
          Cable plug art. no. - type00132445 - 2508 
          Electrical connection positiontop 
          Electrical connection polarityIrrelevant 
          Electrical connection materialBrass 
          Protection type (IP max. with suitable connector)65 
          Coil typeblock bolted 
          Coil insulation material category (encasement)Plastics 
          Coil insulation material (encasement)Epoxy 
          Coil wiring overvoltage protectionwithout 
          Coil wiring rectifierNo 
          Coil wiring polarity protectionNo 
          Coil wiring polarity recovery diodeNo 
          Thermal insulation class of the actuatorH 
          Nominal operation/Duty cycle40%
          Switch time open min8ms
          Switch time open max.15ms
          Switch time close min8ms
          Switch time close max.15ms
          Valve setting opening timeNo 
          Valve setting closing timeNo 
          Back-pressure-resistant versionNo 
          Vacuum versionNo 
          Analysis versionNo 
          Oil burner valveNo 
          Steam versionNo 
          Low-noise versionNo 
          Main valve with integrated screenNo 
          Installation length56mm
          Without mountingNo 
          Mounting typePlastic-cutting screws 
          Valve constructionValve complete 

          burkert 0124 C 00019078寶德電磁閥19078簡單介紹:

          burkert 0124電磁閥直動式介質隔離電磁閥,zui大通徑 DN 5
          burkert 0124 C 4.0 防震線圈
          BURKERT 00019078手動開關結構堅固、使用方便

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