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          寶德0255電磁閥 burkert 0255

          寶德0255電磁閥 burkert 0255

          型    號:
          報    價:

          寶德0255電磁閥 burkert 0255,burkert 0255是寶德高溫電磁閥、burkert0255電磁閥也是高壓電磁閥、寶德0255電磁閥Z高溫度可達+180度、0255寶德電磁閥回路功能為常閉型。

          • 產品描述

          寶德0255電磁閥 burkert 0255特點:

          耐高溫、高壓(for high pressures and temperatures)


          兩位兩通常閉(2/2-way Solenoid Valve)

          可通氣體和液體(For gases and fluids)

          burkert 0255是寶德高溫電磁閥、burkert0255電磁閥也是高壓電磁閥、寶德0255電磁閥zui高溫度可達+180度、0255寶德電磁閥回路功能為常閉型。

          寶德0255電磁閥 burkert 0255材料

          Locknut: Steel (thick-fi lm passivated acc. to Rohs)
          Coil: Epoxy
          Stopper: 1.4105
          Shading ring: Copper (MS version) only AC
          Silver (SS version) only AC
          Spring: 1.4310
          Guide tube: 1.4571
          Plunger: 1.4105
          Hexagon nut: 1.4401 or 1.4571
          Seal: FKM, PTFE
          Valve Seat: 1.4305 or 1.4112 (only brass body)
          Body: Brass or stainless steel 1.4581


          Orifice :DN 1.0 - 6.0 mm
          Body material: Brass with stainless steel seat 1.4305 or stainless steel body 1.4581
          Coil material: Epoxy
          Coil insulation class :H
          Seal material :FKM, PTFE(others on request)
          FKM:Hot air, hot oils, oils with additives,per-solutions
          PTFE:Water, steam, fuels, hydraulic materials, alcohol,organic solvents, waste gas
          Media temperature
          FKM:-10 to +130 °C
          PTFE:-40 to +180 °C
          Steel:Up to + 250 °C (on request)








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